The Translation Agency “Dialog” offers written translation services of different documents into more than 30 world languages.

We offer following written translation services:

  • personal documents
  • financial, accounting and commercial documents
  • medical documents
  • scientific articles
  • translation of technical texts
  • literary translation
  1. Translation of personal documents – passports, certificates (of birth, marriage, divorce, death, etc.), general education certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney, driver’s licenses, etc., as well as translation of personal correspondence.
    ATTENTION! For high-quality translation of personal documents, you must provide:
    – the right spelling of surnames and names in accordance with the passport.
    – forms and requirements (if any) for the translation of documents by organizations and institutions that these documents are submitted to.
  2. Translation of financial, accounting and commercial documents, including various additions and amendments to these documents.
  3. Translation of legal documents: contracts, agreements, statutory documents (charters of enterprises of various forms of ownership: state enterprises, limited liability companies and other organizational forms).
  4. Translation of medical documents: sick leave, certificates, extracts, etc.
  5. Translation of scientific articles in various fields of science, preparation of articles for publication in scientific journals
  6. Literary translation of books, articles, various texts and other small literary forms
  7. Translation of web-sites
  8. Technical translation, including translation of technical documentation, technical description of various devices, machines and mechanisms, instructions for users.

ATTENTION! For high-quality translation of documents, it is necessary to provide the right spelling of proper names, names of enterprises or organizations in the target language, meanings of all specific abbreviations.

To calculate the cost of the order and clarify details, contact our administrators in a way convenient for you